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With hummus, salad and tahini sauce.

Pita: $ 6.50

Laffa/Baguette: $ 6.95

Plate with 2 sides: $ 8.95

The Shashuka


Eggs cooked in a tomato sauce w/ red peppers and chili peppers. Shaksuka served on hot skillet.

Falafel Bowl


Served with white rice or yellow rice.

Mzzarella Sandwich


Fresh Mozzarella, Ripe Tomatos, Basil, crunchy Lettuce, Balsamic and Mayo.

The Borekas $6.95

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A baked puff pastry filled with your choice of Cheese, Spinach & cheese or Mushrooms

served with 1 Hardboiled Egg and salad

The Borekas  $6.95